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Esso Manifestum

What we do?

Are you a professional, event coordinator or just want to improve your online presence. Need aerial footage? Snappy videos that your clients or yourself can share endlessly?

Professional Grade Aerial Media

We are a collaborative group of talented media professionals from all walks of life that will take your content to that next level. (No seriously like up to 400 ft) We provide aerial footage and post production services to complete your event.

That’s what we do. We encapsulate memories.

What about us?

We Are The Story Tellers

We truly enjoy what we do. We love those unique projects that can help your business or persona with your marketing needs. We know it sounds pretty basic but its true. We enjoy learning your story captivate that special moment. We aim to create a memory the way you want to remember it.

Custom Videos


Drone Filmography

Graphics Logo Design

Small Business Marketing

Vinyl Graphics

Custom small batch T-shirts

Content Creator Media

Aerial Survey Services

Aerial Inspections

Aerial Real Estate

Social Media Advertising

Vlog Productions