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John Wai Martial Arts

Recap of the session we had at John Wai Martial Arts. We were getting to the point of getting in some cross training on Gi -Brazilian Jujitsu. My girl loves to train in Martial Arts.

Our friends at John Wai were more than kind enough to have us and train. While there, I decided to bring my camera gear and get in soke quick action shots.

I was a bit reserved at first filming at a new school because I didn’t really know how the classes were setup. I had some missed opportunities but overall. I think I captured the essence of the day.

It was a great feeling seeing how my little girl glowed with excitement with her training. She was a little drawn back putting on another schools uniform but, realized the complexity of GI training to further her knowledge in the world of BJJ.

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  • NFTT-TBA August 14, 2021
  • NFTT-TBA September 4, 2021
  • NFTT-TBA October 9, 2021