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…and we are off. The launching of Obeewanton Media. We are days away from 2019 and I have decided to go public with my services.


See.. I got my start with a little Martial Arts Studio in Boynton Beach. Joe Keit Kung Fu.

A great little school ran by a family of martial artist and former students of another (not mentioning their name. Kung Fu studio. They have a deep history with twists and turns.


So for now. I greet you.


What I offer.

Videographer services. Up to 5 minutes of edited material to launch your brand and product.

Media for your web services and Social media platform

Merchandise photography

E-commerce ads.

On location shoots with photos and video

Le Chalet Food Trucks

  • NFTT-TBA August 14, 2021
  • NFTT-TBA September 4, 2021
  • NFTT-TBA October 9, 2021