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Vendor Booking Requests

Note: You are NOT confirmed until you have received a confirmation that your booking is valid.

Hours are from 5pm to 8pm at the dinner locations on the weekend

Please park service window facing the lake. Your truck must be completely off the road. Please place menu signage towards to road. Parking is permitted along the street as long as on easement.

We do our best to book trucks that compliment each other with a max of 4. We don’t like to book that many but, rain delays and scheduling may case this.

If you booked the date first as the meal truck you have say on who can book with you. First come first serve. If you have a friend and wants to piggy back please clear it with other trucks that have booked.

We do not offer any items i.e. tents, power or tables. Signage requests are available. Please setup by 5pm. Power will be available in the near future.